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Since its inception in 2002, RefurbExperts has been devotedly providing its customers with high-quality office equipment at unbeatable prices. Our top priority here at RefurbExperts, is to ensure our customers get the very best when it comes to product quality. We specialize in selling refurbished machines without compromising on quality at all. Our carefully chosen sales team are here to provide you with objective, timely advice in any area you require.

Our Managers

Kevin serves as our extremely capable, general manager. He has been involved in the copier and printer business since 1970. The company has benefited greatly since its commencement in 2002 from the great wealth of knowledge and proficiency displayed by Kevin.

Sy has been a successful sales representative since 1980. He leads our sales team in his typical skilled and capable demeanor as a sales manager. His diligent work has drastically helped our sales department to expand and advance in all areas.


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Please contact us with any questions about any of our products or services:

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Toll Free: 877-389-9763

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